About Us

Situated near the beautiful Steele Creek Park in Bristol, TN, West Hills Christian Church is a friendly, family and youth oriented church that is striving to find new ways to serve our community. We are focused on worshiping God, caring for one another, and blessing the world. West Hills is working on new ways to become more involved with our community. We are currently assessing the needs of our neighbors so that we can better love and serve them. Specifically, this past year we started a community garden and our first annual block party for our neighbors. As with all congregations, COVID has presented us with numerous challenges over the past two years. In order to meet these new challenges, we have been willing to take more risks and try new things in order to serve those in our congregation and in our community. We are striving to become a church that directly impacts our neighbors.

West Hills Christian Church
116 Elm Street
Bristol, TN 37620

Our values

  • Collaborative
  • Prayer Based
  • Mission Minded
  • Spiritual Formation