About Us

Located in the heart of Unicoi Valley, Tennessee, Unicoi Christian Church has ministered to the surrounding community for over 120 years. Small in size, but big in spirit, we have a little community that really feels like a family. We are known for our long-standing support of the community and partnerships with local churches to help with the neighboring food pantry. Our church has remained strong even throughout the pandemic these last few years. We have had several baptisms in the last year and are running even slightly above where we were at pre-pandemic! We enjoy eating together, hiking, and engaging in a variety of service work. The community of Unicoi is known for is picturesque beauty tucked into the Appalachian range. The view of the mountains, sun rises, and sun sets are absolutely incredible. Come be a part of a loving ministry and church family who love the community and nature around them.

Unicoi Christian Church
417 Tennessee St.
Unicoi, TN 37692
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Our values

  • Mission Minded
  • Welcoming / Hospitable
  • Evangelistic