Date posted Sep 09, 2021
Deadline Nov 30, 2021

Position Description

The minister reports to and ministers alongside the elders. Raleigh Christian Church’s pastor shall provide the primary leadership. He will acknowledge that his work is enabled by the Holy Spirit, supported by prayer, guided by Scripture, and carried out in the name of Jesus Christ for the glory of God the Father. As an overseer/shepherd, he shall provide Biblical direction and leadership so that members are built up in faith and maturity to become more like Christ.

The pastor shall demonstrate an authentic, God-centered life, passion for Jesus Christ, and a heart committed to sharing Christ with others. He shall maintain a healthy relationship with God that exemplifies a disciplined plan of personal worship to include prayer, Bible study, and financial stewardship. He shall serve as a role model of one committed to conducting their private and public life with personal integrity, love, joy, humility, and holiness. The pastor must model healthy family priorities by making his family a priority.

Areas of Accountability

  • Is accountable to the Lord through the leadership of the Church
  • Is accountable to the membership to maintain a life in accordance with scripture
  • He shall agree with our Statement of Beliefs
  • As Raleigh’s Pastor
    • Is the main pastor on Sunday morning; will strive to engage the congregation in God’s word effectively
    • Takes responsibility for the pulpit
    • Officiates at weddings and funerals, and also administrate baptisms
  • As Raleigh’s Leader
    • Leads/Assists in prayer time
    • Discerning and giving direction for the overall vision of our church
    • Takes primary responsibility in areas where problems, issues, or conflicts cannot be resolved at lower levels
    • Represents the church in matters of business and community
      Education of those interested in church membership
  • Disciple-Making
    • Encourages, resources, and motivates congregation to share the Gospel
    • Be personally engaged in church small group(s) for the purpose of discipleship
    • Involvement in one-on-one discipleship
    • Available to regular church attendees for initial spiritual counsel. More in-depth counseling can be provided if deemed appropriate
Raleigh Christian Church Ministry Profile
Tim Washmuth Elder