About Us

If you are searching for a family of people who accept where you are and challenge you to grow in reflection of God's love, welcome to the Raleigh family. As a family, our goal is to love each other without conditions or expectations. We confess that we are unable, on our own, to practice the unconditional love demonstrated by our Father, but we pray and desire that He empowers us to demonstrate His love to you and those around us. Raleigh Christian Church is nestled in the rural community of Rushville, IN, one of only 12 communities to receive the honor of "Stellar Community" from the State of Indiana. Raleigh makes a point of being involved in the community by supporting nextgen ministry, providing a hoop barn cover service, and serving together at Mahoning Valley Christian Service Camp. Eating and fellowship are central aspects of the Raleigh church family.

Raleigh Christian Church
4019 E 900 N, Rushville, IN 46173

Our values

  • Mission-Minded
  • Partnership-Focused
  • Prayer-Based
  • Bible-Based
  • Spiritual Growth