Date posted Oct 18, 2023
Deadline Nov 16, 2023


The First Baptist Church of Erwin, Tennessee seeks a committed Christian leader with passion for discipling young people through the Gospel. The ideal candidate relates well with youth, parents, and adult volunteers. He or she will demonstrate excitement for equipping young people for a lifelong love of ministry in celebration of the Great Commission.


  • Lead efforts to minister with and to youth between ages 11 and 18 on a part-time basis.
  • Use First Baptist-branded social media tools to reach students (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).
  • Reach youth in Erwin, Unicoi County, and beyond, engage them with the Good News, and involve them in the work of the church.
  • Recruit, develop, and deploy existing and new volunteers for the church’s youth ministry.
  • In consultation with the Pastor, the Committee on Budget and Finance, and Committee on Youth, develop an annual budget for the youth ministry and operate within the constraints of that budget.
  • Develop and/or implement Bible-based curriculum that is consistent with church doctrinal alignment (BF&M 1963, Four Fragile Freedoms, etc.) and considers the full counsel of God’s Holy Word and the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental needs of the youth in Erwin, Unicoi County, and other communities to which the ministry witnesses.
  • Regularly teach the Bible to the youth with conviction, compassion, and care.
  • Lead efforts to minister to the parenting needs of the church body.
  • Participate in the general pastoral duties as requested by the Pastor (weddings, funerals, counseling, preaching, teaching, etc.).
  • Establish a long-term vision for how the church engages young people.
  • Be available to preach and teach the Bible in congregational worship when directed to do so.
  • Develop and execute – in consultation with the Committee on Youth – a strategic plan for the youth ministry of First Baptist.
  • Regularly report to the Committee on Youth and the Pastor about developments in the youth ministry.
  • Oversee all summer camping activities in which First Baptist youth participate.
  • Regularly lead the youth in short-term missional experiences (alternating between local, domestic, and international theaters).
  • Cultivate teachers for classes (junior high, senior high, etc.) in cooperation with Sunday School Superintendent.
  • Work with leaders of churches in the community to find and develop ministry opportunities for youth in the wider church family.
  • Administer the ordinances of the church (baptism, the Lord’s Supper) under the direction and supervision of the Pastor.
  • Utilize the church’s busses to create a connective pipeline of new youth attenders.
  • Review all curricula used by the church’s youth ministry to ensure that such materials are consistent with church doctrinal alignments (BF&M 1963, Four Fragile Freedoms, etc.).
  • Participate in all staff meetings and retreats and other events as directed.


  • Seeking baccalaureate degree, with preference given to those seeking graduate studies in divinity or theology.
  • Understanding of and willingness to serve within the doctrinal commitments of First Baptist Church.
  • Willingness to lead people of varying ethnicities, backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, genders, and generations.
  • A desire to teach, lead, and mentor youth in seeking biblical truth.
  • Must submit to background and/or credit check.
First Baptist Church of Erwin, TN Ministry Profile
Logan Engle

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