About Us

Our church is its people. Most churches claim to be welcoming and loving, but time-after-time we have been told that we are warm and hospitable to all who enter our doors. We know that is not our own doing, but rather is the Spirit of Christ indwelling in each of us. We hope His love radiates out of us to fulfill our church mission - to be In Christ for Community and In Community for Christ. Our church is very moderate. We have various theological perspectives represented among our membership. In the historical Baptist tradition, we believe in both Bible and soul freedom, which gives individuals the right to interpret scripture with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We average 100 members and are well known for our Main Street Market food pantry ministry in the community of Erwin. We are church community that enjoys serving and having fun together.

First Baptist Church of Erwin, TN
200 Love St.
PO Box 526
Erwin, TN 37650
United States
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Our values

  • Mission Minded
  • Welcoming / Hospitable
  • Community Focused