Date posted Sep 20, 2021
Deadline Nov 30, 2021

Job Description: Executive Director

The Oblong Children’s Christian Home, a financially sound ministry supported by churches and individuals, is seeking a Christian Executive Director with a heart for neglected, troubled, delinquent, and at-risk children and their families as well as a heart for the staff that serves them. The Oblong Children’s Christian Home provides stable Christian family homes in a campus setting. Houseparents provide unconditional love and guidance. The youth also participate in counseling and a therapeutic horsemanship program. High School youth initially attend an on-campus, computer-based school but can progress to public school. The home has excellent facilities and the youth and staff attend one of several local Christian Churches or Churches of Christ in the community.

The goal for most children is for them to return home when both the children and the parents are prepared for successful reunification. If a return home is not possible, the home assists the youths through their transitional living program until they are prepared for independent living. The ultimate goal is to prepare the young person for a life of Christian living and for eternity.

The Executive Director provides the vision for the ministry under the guidance of the Board of Directors. They also provide servant leadership to a full-time staff of 14 house parents, one teacher, a PR representative, and a financial manager.



  • Shall be a mature Christian who has a Biblical lifestyle and who is continuing to grow in his or her walk with the Lord
  • Shall have an advanced college degree (Master’s level) from an accredited school of social work or a human services degree (Master’s level) from an accredited school in a human services field
  • Shall have experience of at least three (3) to five (5) years (depending on academic degree) of experience specifically in social work administration or human services administration
  • Shall be able to work cooperatively with the Board of Directors and staff, showing good leadership skills yet the humility that is demonstrated by relying on God and by the ability to accept input from the board and staff
  • Shall have good conflict management skills, necessary skills for leading and supervising staff and growth, and expanding the mission of the Home
  • Shall have good financial management skills as demonstrated both in the management of his or her personal finances and that of the ministry
  • Shall have good public speaking and interpersonal skills
  • Shall have adequate/good writing skills
  • Shall have adequate/good technology skills
  • Shall have a heart for kids and their families, as well as for staff
  • The Executive Director shall hold the Biblical view that the salvation process includes faith, repentance, confession, and baptism by immersion; once hired, the candidate must attend a local Christian Church or Church of Christ.
  • Shall meet State standards for background check



  • Provide vision for the ministry
    • Under the supervision of the Board of Directors, provide the vision for the ministry regarding how the ministry should grow to achieve greater impact for the Kingdom
    • Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field of children’s home ministry
    • Solicit and accept counsel from the board, staff, and other professionals
    • Respect authority when formulating and modifying the vision for the Home
  • Be a servant leader
    • Encourage staff by recognizing, celebrating, appreciating, and rewarding excellent work
    • Be available for crisis calls regarding care and treatment of children
    • Lead meetings for staff members.
    • Meet periodically with each Houseparent couple, Counselor/Caseworker, and School Administrator/Teacher for the purpose of encouragement and support
    • Plan and lead Kid Meetings involving houseparents, relief, and counselor; combining training and review of the progress of children
  • Oversee the preparation of the budget for all aspects of ministry and approve all expenditures over $500
  • Set organizational precedent to be ministry-focused
    • Ensure that the ministry resources are used to serve the maximum number of children who can be served well
    • Ensure that the ministry meets and exceeds State licensing standards with regard to child care
    • Prepare state-required license renewal applications for each of the current and future homes and the agency license renewal application
    • Plan, implement and evaluate both new and current ministry programs as approved by the board
  • Coordinate the work of the staff
    • Develop clear working procedures that assist the staff in working as a team for the benefit of the children and their parents. When necessary working procedures may be implemented until the next Board meeting when they may be changed or approved by the Board. Once approved by the Board they become policies and are added to the Rules and Regulations.
    • Assume responsibility for the education of the children in care, including New Life Academy
    • Encourage individual staff members who have conflict to work out differences on a one-to-one basis, but intervene to assist using Biblical principles
  • Recruit, hire, train, and supervise staff members to carry out the Home’s ministry
    • Recruit and present to the Personnel Committee and Board for final approval excellent child care staff who meet the qualifications outlined in their respective job descriptions; positions may include but are not limited to house parents, relief houseparents, Counselor/Caseworker, and School Administrator/Teacher, Financial Manager and Director of Promotions and Friendship Development.
    • Ensure that staff are trained adequately for their positions and that they receive adequate in-service training
    • Address with staff any deficiencies in performance, give verbal and written warnings as necessary to ensure compliance, and as per Rules and Regulations recommend to the Board that an employee be dismissed
    • Participate in the promotion of the Home in coordination with the Director of Promotions and Friendship Development
    • Make approximately 35* Sunday presentations per year
    • Secure appointments with 3* non-supporting church bodies per year
    • Write, sign, and add personal notes to six monthly thank-you letters per year
    • Write all prayer newsletters for the ministry
    • In coordination with the Director of Promotions and Friendship Development, write some of the appeal letters.
      • * These numbers can change either up or down at the yearly evaluation by the Board of Directors
  • Oversee the child care aspects of the ministry
    • In conjunction with the Counselor/Caseworker, review placement files
    • In conjunction with the Counselor/Caseworker, conduct placement interviews
    • Oversee the daily care of the children in residence
    • Assume responsibility for therapeutic aspects of the program, including counseling, therapeutic horsemanship, and interest group development and activities
    • Assume responsibility for the oversight and planning of special campus events and interest group fundraisers
    • Attend Family Development meetings as available and teach Family Development as needed
    • Read each child’s daily logs
    • As available, attend six (6)-month reviews that include the biological parent/s, houseparents, relief houseparents, School Administrator/Teacher, and Counselor/Caseworker
    • Ensure and maintain confidentiality as needed
  • Oversee maintenance on campus and at the Dyball Home, which may include but is not limited to seeing that the Home meets standards set by the fire marshal and the health department, maintenance of all buildings, homes, vehicles, equipment, and grounds.
  • Oversee the promotion of the Home
  • Oversee the business and financial aspects of the Ministry
  • Participate in, prepare for, and present a comprehensive report at each regularly scheduled board meeting.
  • Facilitate the work of the board
    • Develop a good working relationship with the board
    • Keep the board informed of important aspects of the ministry; prepare a report summarizing ongoing work at each regularly scheduled board meeting
    • Assist the board in recruiting new board members
    • Prepare board agendas if requested by board president
    • Be familiar with the board handbook and encourage its implementation

When clicking the “Apply Here” link at the top of the page, please ensure to include a cover letter, resume, and references in your email to the Executive Search Committee.

Oblong Children’s Christian Home Ministry Profile
Arvin Moden Interim Executive Director