About Us

The vision of the Oblong Children's Christian Home is excellence in providing Christian homes and programs for at-risk and troubled youth, where they are discipled to become responsible, productive, mature Christians. The Oblong Children's Christian Home is marked by its excellent facilities and team-oriented staff. Children live in family-style homes with long-term, experienced houseparents where both children and families are ministered to. Oblong Children's Christian Home currently serves a group of 30 children from diverse backgrounds, including children and families from various faiths (or none at all). Oblong Children's Christian Home has an excellent reputation in the community; in addition to its on-campus high school, the organization also offers a therapeutic equestrian program and counseling. Oblong Children's Christian Home is financially stable and does not accept state or federal money.

Oblong Children’s Christian Home
4094 E 1050th Ave, Oblong, IL 62449

Our values

  • Collaborative
  • Discipleship
  • Prayer-Based
  • Spiritual Formation