Date posted Jan 10, 2024
Deadline Mar 31, 2024

Mission Statement:

The purpose of West Hills Christian Church is to worship God, care for one another, and bless the world.

Position Description:

The position of Outreach and Small Groups Coordinator will be part time (8-10 hours a week). The purpose of this position is to improve small group and outreach ministries at WHCC. While this position will have some responsibilities involving all age groups, it will mainly focus on ministering to those who are in career and middle-age adulthood.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Strengthen and coordinate the small groups and spiritual formation program for WHCC.
  • Identify and train small group leaders.
  • Develop curriculum for the small groups.
  • Lead a small group that targets career and middle age adults including WHCC’s current Faithbuilders group.
  • Develop an outreach ministry that will draw people to West Hills Church and nurture them in their faith with a special emphasis on career and middle age adults.
  • Be part of the preaching team at WHCC and engage in conversations that lead those of us who preach and teach to greater spiritual depth and insight.


West Hills Christian Church Ministry Profile