Date posted Aug 09, 2023
Deadline Sep 30, 2023

The Creative Arts Director will serve in leading audio and visual ministry efforts, in conjunction with Velocity Church’s mission, through an inward equipping and outward reaching focus. This person will provide sound Biblical discipling, teaching and leadership for music ministry primarily in the form of Sunday morning worship. This includes utilizing personal vocal and instrumental giftedness to lead music with a band. The Creative Arts Director will work alongside staff, the elders, and volunteers to develop the vision and direction of worship arts. Their responsibilities also include administrating and training volunteers for band, sound, and media while empowering and equipping them for service and ministry by discovering, developing, and deploying their spiritual gifts.


  • Lead music for Sunday
  • Administrate volunteer teams for Sunday morning band, sound, and media
  • Attend weekly staff meetings
  • Communicate schedule and needs to staff regularly
  • Maintain weekly availability and accessibility
  • Facilitate communication of ministry to congregation
  • Develop relationships and facilitate volunteers within the church
  • Work with senior pastor in developing music and worship ministry in the church



  • Provide report of work to senior pastor for collaboration and evaluation
  • Continue to develop short and long range vision of ministry alongside senior pastor and elders
  • Communicate vision/direction of youth and outreach ministry to congregation
  • Plan and execute weekly Sunday services
  • Oversee and disciple sponsors/volunteers
  • Monitor needs of volunteers
  • Attend church-wide events
  • Be present at weddings and funerals as needed for church family
  • Monitor and manage ministry within approved budget
  • Be prepared to speak in front of congregation when requested by senior pastor
  • Worship Ministry Team development, training, and team building
  • Full-time: additional leadership responsibilities in an area of church-wide ministry (e.g. video editing and social media and web presence; or administration of small groups; or another agreed upon area of interest)



  • Agree with and be personally compelled by Velocity‚Äôs beliefs and values
  • Bonus: Completed ministry degree from an independent Christian Church bible college or university
  • Bonus: Video and graphics editing capability
  • Familiarity with current church worship ministry trends and tools
  • Demonstrate vocal and instrumental giftedness
  • Will be a self-starter and team player
Velocity Christian Church Ministry Profile
Rob Yancey Lead Pastor