Sept – Dec 2022

Mentor a First Year Seminarian

The first year of seminary is a shock to some and a homecoming for others. But regardless of someone’s religious background or their love or dislike for Wellhausen, they need a buddy who’s recently been through this same experience. Pairing a first-year seminarian with a recent graduate not only deepens the community among incoming students, but it has positive ripple effects throughout the whole Emmanuel community.

If you’ve recently completed seminary and have benefited from a previous MRC mentor match, then you are eligible to apply for this program! We’re not looking for any spiritual gurus or folks with all the answers, just people who can listen and be a good sounding board for a first-year student.

Applying does not mean you will automatically be asked, as we try to encourage a range of diversity in peer mentors. But we like to accept as many as we can! So, please apply!

Commitment Involves:

  • Coming to at least one planning meeting
  • Attending a one-hour session at orientation (August 18 – 19)
  • Meeting at least three times with one first-year student
  • Helping to create a day retreat with other peer mentors for first year seminarians. Last year, first-year students and mentors spent a day on Boone Lake, painting and ax-throwing!

If accepted, we will offer you a $200 stipend and reimburse any expenses. Application Deadline, August 1, 2022 

Peer Mentoring Application

Was there a resource, spiritual practice, friend, or fun activity that helped you?
Typically, this introduction session happens in the afternoon of August 18th or the morning of August 19th.
This would most likely be a Monday or Saturday in late October or early November. Please share with us any schedule preferences for a one-day retreat.