About Us

Celebrating our 70th Birthday this year, Shively Christian Church, located in the Shively community of Louisville, KY, continues to be a staple and rooted entity in the Shively community. Led by new Lead Minister Cody Hutchinson, we are excited to continue to build God’s Kingdom under his new leadership. On your first Sunday, as you walk into the doors of the church, you will be greeted by many smiling warm faces. After grabbing a cup of coffee, looking around you will see a diverse mixture of people. Everyone from foundational legacy members to a person with no home walking in to warm up. Shively is ripe with deep ministry opportunities. As you exit the doors, commissioned to live on mission for Jesus, you will see a community that has faced a tremendous amount of evil and abandonment over the past decades. Our feet are firmly planted in our community and we want you to link arms with us to bring the light of Jesus and His healing to His children who need it the most.

Contact Information

1822 Kendall Lane
Louisville, KY 40216
United States

Our values

  • Mission Minded
  • Community Focused
  • Welcoming / Hospitable