About Us

Revolution is a church of about 500 located in the town of Logonsport, IN. With a population of 18-20,000, Logonsport is an up and coming midwestern community where the future is bright and things are coming alive. We are known as a church that loves people, loves Jesus and is part of the community. We want to help people find Jesus and live like Him more than anything. We believe life with Jesus is better than anything this world has to offer, and we know that we're called to do this together; that we're better together. Everything we do points to this mission. It's the filter through which every idea, program, group, team, and value first runs through. We create environments where those who do not know Jesus feel welcomed and comfortable. We believe you can "belong before you believe". Every week we come together to celebrate Jesus, connect with others, and contribute to the church, community, and beyond.

Revolution Community Church
3930 E Market St
Logansport, Indiana 46947
United States

Our values

  • Mission Minded
  • Discipleship
  • Community Focused
  • Welcoming / Hospitable