About Us

Norwood Christian Church, located in rural southwestern Colorado, is a close-knit community of men and women dedicated to serving God and growing in our faith. Our congregation of roughly 50 people is multi-generational, with older members as well as a youth group. We seek to develop intentional, loving relationships with God and others and make disciples to deliver God’s Word from generation to generation. We love to fellowship, have meals, and go camping together. Our town of Norwood is unique because of its remoteness. The total population in the surrounding counties is roughly 1,000, though we are relatively close to the areas of Telluride and Naturita-Nucla, which are both known for tourism. Our community is located in the rocky San Miguel River Canyon and sits 7,000 feet above sea level on Wright's Mesa. Norwood offers beautiful views of canyons and mountains--the San Juan, San Miguel, and La Sal mountains are all visible here. Norwood is known for retaining its "Old West charm," with local artisans, restaurants, and hotels inviting guests into "a town where time seems to stand still."

Norwood Christian Church
1115 Lincoln St
PO Box 931
Norwood, CO 81423
United States
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Our values

  • Mission Minded
  • Discipleship
  • Welcoming/Hospitable
  • Spiritual Formation