About Us

New Hope Christian Church was started in 1979 by a small group of people who imagined a church that was truly welcoming to everyone - where everyone had a seat at the table regardless of personal history, family background, ethnicity, or gender. New Hope hosted its first gathering in 1981. At New Hope we care about one thing more than anything else, Jesus Christ. Our church is a community of individuals who have found hope in Jesus, who offers hope and life to any who would trust Him. That simple trust leads to a freedom and joy that is able to sustain you even in the most difficult of circumstances. We are continually aware of God's grace that daily speaks into our brokenness and calls us to something better. We are continually experimenting on the best ways for people to find a place to truly belong and grow in community. We believe the future of the church is the people of New Hope loving their neighbors and being intentional with what we each have been blessed with. The church has traditionally held a live nativity scene every year during December, called Journey to Bethlehem. We also have a thriving youth and children's ministry that attracts families to the church. The church is mission-driven looking to use its resources to spread the gospel and be generous to those in need throughout the community. New Hope is located in Washington, Indiana, a growing town of 12,400 people located in the heart of Davies County. It is located along Interstate 69, between Bloomington and Evansville. People love living in Washington because the people here are generally very helpful, kind, and pleasant. Though we have several franchises in town, there are many hometown places to shop and eat that help give Washington a small-town feel. The schools tend to be staffed with teachers who really care about their students, and they are normally involved in the community outside the classroom. We are within an hour of several much larger cities that offer a wide variety of interesting things to see and do.

New Hope Christian Church of Washington IN
559 E. 100 S.
Washington, IN 47501
United States
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Our values

  • Collaborative
  • Mission Minded
  • Discipleship
  • Community Focused
  • Welcoming/ Hospitable
  • Prayer