About Us

Camp Allendale exists to provide a dynamic environment for people to engage the Living God. We offer summer and retreat programs. Summer youth programs are about reaching young people in the name of Christ. These programs are directed by minsters and lay members of our Partner Churches. Local churches and organizations can also use the camp for their own retreats. Our main purpose is to provide the facility and support services in order for churches and other groups to have their own program. We want the people we serve here to go away with the “warm fuzzy” feeling when they participate in any of our major programs. This can be seen in the way we prepare and serve the food, the cleanliness and maintenance of the facility, as will as the attitude of our camp staff.

Camp Allendale
4605 S Allendale Dr
Trafalgar, Indiana 46181
United States

Our values

  • Mission Minded
  • Discipleship
  • Community Focused
  • Welcoming / Hospitable