About Us

The Avenue Church is a non-denominational community of Jesus followers in Glasgow, KY. Our mission is to attract and connect people to Jesus and his body, so that together we are transformed for his service. Our congregation has roots in the Stone-Campbell Movement and Churches of Christ, but our members come from many faith traditions. We have been in a season of transition in an attempt to reach unchurched people in our community. This transition has included an increase in our employment of God's gift to women in our worship gatherings and ministries, and a shift towards instrumental and contemporary worship. This transition has been difficult at times, but we are extremely excited about the direction we are moving in, and feel as though God has provided for us through this season. We invite and encourage differing theological perspectives, and love having conversations about different ways of seeing things. Some in our congregation are fairly traditional, while others are more progressive. We keep the simple command to "Love God and Love Others" at the forefront of our congregation, its ministries, and theology.

Avenue Church
315 Columbia Avenue
Glasgow, KY 42141
United States
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Our values

  • Collaborative
  • Discipleship
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Community Focused