About Us

Located in Midtown Atlanta, we are a simple and quiet parish community in the heart of the city. While we work hard to provide quality programming and ministry environments for everyone in our care, we remain an understated and unpressurized church. In 2019, the church bought our building after renting spaces for nearly 15 years, and the dream of finally planting ourselves in a neighborhood was realized. After meeting on Zoom during COVID, we reemerged and have shifted our focus towards "rebuilding" our congregation, not just in size and engagement, but in spiritual health and formation. Since reopening in July 2021, we have seen a slow return of our people, and a newness in our congregation that is quite exciting. God is clearly helping and guiding us along, and we are enjoying the ride.

Atlanta Christian Church
1095 State Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
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Our values

  • Discipleship
  • Justice/Compassion
  • Innovative
  • Diverse
  • Affirming
  • Prayer Based
  • Spiritual Formation