About Us

We are a part of what has been called the Restoration Movement. In the 1800’s, various preachers from different backgrounds came together in an effort to simply be Christians with no denominational labels and restore the church as best they could to what is seen in the New Testament. In this movement, there were several slogans: “No Creed but Christ,” “Where the Bible speaks we speak, where the Bible is silent, we are silent,” “Christians only, but not the only Christians,” and more. It was a call to simply adhere to the Bible, no more, and no less. As for our specific congregation, we had our start in 1967. We believe that the Bible is God’s inspired word and that from it we learn what God has done to save us from sin and how we are to receive that gift of salvation. We also believe that in God’s word we are given a path or morals and commands by which, as Christians, we should adhere to and strive to obey. These are the things we strive to proclaim and preach every week.

Ashland Christian Church
1480 Orange Rd.
Ashland, OH 44805
United States
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Our values

  • Discipleship
  • Welcoming / Hospitable
  • Evangelistic