About Us

First Christian Church (FCC) is a non-denominational independent Christian church in Columbus, IN with ties to the Restoration Movement. They are led by Steve Yeaton. Steve has been with FCC since 2017. FCC was established in 1885 and moved into its current location in 1942. Their vision is “Growing Followers of Jesus Who Are Growing Followers of Jesus.” They are well-known in the community as a stable and reliable church with a heart for the Word of God. FCC is averaging around 525 people in weekly attendance since the beginning of 2023. They are purposely intergenerational in their ministry approach and have developed a worship philosophy that seeks to utilize the best worship resources from a variety of styles.

First Christian Church of Columbus, IN
531 5th Street
Columbus, IN 47201
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Our values

  • Welcoming
  • Community Focused
  • Discipleship