We are all invited to participate in God’s healing, restorative, and redemptive work in the world. Part of our calling is to discern how God is inviting us into that work–what are the particular gifts God has placed within us to share with the world? Where are the particular places God is calling us to do this work? How do we discern God’s timing in our decisions about vocation? The Ministry Resource Center provides those who are discerning ministry with a community of friends, mentors, and resources to confirm and sustain their calling.

In addition to mentoring, we also offer assistance in crafting resumes and practicing for interviews. We host vocational workshops and maintain a robust job board filled with potential ministry opportunities.

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We want to empower you to tell your story well and with truth.

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“True discernment is not only a matter of reason but also a matter of spirituality. It involves every aspect of our person, from emotion to analysis, from desire to resistance, from personal will to personal prayer.”

Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ
God’s Voice Within

Vocational Discernment

Vocational discernment can involve a lot of things like resume training or a personality test, but most importantly it involves someone walking alongside you in your spiritual formation process. Having a mentor or a coach can help you address questions like: Who am I now? Where is God calling me to go? How is God leading me there? With others, we practice discernment questions that guide us toward the virtues of faith, hope, and love.

Vocational discernment can also involve having a conversation about ordination with your church. If you would like help thinking through resources related to ordination we can help with that too.

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