Date posted Aug 18, 2021
Deadline Sep 20, 2021

We want to invite you to come to Northern Downriver and help us reach a diverse population of people. You will be given the ability to lead two of our major teams, in an effort to continue to be more effective in inspiring and helping people take their next steps with God. Southpoint is a church in Southeast MI. We have 2 campuses. This role is for our Allen Park, Northern Downriver campus.

We’re very serious about God, our mission, and our community, but not too serious about ourselves. It’s not the easiest, wealthiest or glitziest community, but it’s an honest, blue-collar, real mission field kind of community. So only serious kingdom workers need apply.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Is crazy about Jesus
  • Loves family
  • Doesn’t take themselves too seriously, are able to laugh and have some fun 🙂
  • Is serious about making disciples that make disciples
  • Believes developing leaders and teams is the best way to make an impact
  • Desires to reach a diverse community
  • Is a leader who is creative and talented enough to lead our worship arts teams and compassionate and organized enough to lead our campus experience teams
  • Is a developer who has a proven track record of making heroes out of other people
  • Is a communicator who is able to inspire and lead a diverse group of people to a common goal
  • Is a humble team player who loves to work alongside others and make some friends along the way
  • Is an obedient disciple committed to make more and better disciples that make more and better disciples
  • Has a heart for the community in which you serve

A needle in a haystack… maybe. Maybe you are that needle?


Southpoint Community Christian Church Ministry Profile