Date posted Apr 21, 2022
Deadline Jul 31, 2022

Tuttle Christian Church in central Oklahoma is looking for a minister to lead on their vibrant student minsitry team that serves about 200 students weekly. The Student Minister would:

  • Oversee the day to day operations of Student Ministry to include scheduling, budgeting, and operating to meet the ministry needs.
  • Oversee and plan seasonal calendar events, such as : camps, retreats, outreach events, & theme nights.
  • Recruit, train, and shepherd adult volunteers for ministering to and discipling students.
  • Willing to develop relationships with students to help them realize their identity in Christ.
  • Walk alongside parents and equip them to disciple their student at home.
  • Research and/or develop curriculum that is culturally relevant, including social media, and doctrinally sound for all programs.
  • Participate and contribute to weekly staff meetings.
  • Disciple and challenge students to become leaders among their peers by fostering spiritual growth.
  • Strive to be involved in the community by connecting with teachers, coaches, and community leaders.
  • Engage with students out side of regularly scheduled programs /event s by attending games, recitals, plays, etc.
  • Willing to be mentored and coached to improve as a pastor, preacher /teacher and leader.

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Tuttle Christian Church Ministry Profile
Joshua Kovar Elder

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