Date posted Jan 18, 2023
Deadline Mar 31, 2023

Special Ministries Director

The major duties of this position would be:

  • Establishment of a Spanish ministry (experience necessary)
  • Leading our youth group (with assistance of current support families)
  • Retooling/modernizing our Sunday Song service (not expected to be the full time song leader). It should be noted that we are an A Capella congregation and likely to remain that way, though it is traditional here, and not taught as doctrine.

Waukesha is a predominantly white community with a growing hispanic population, located 20 miles west of Milwaukee. The city is 70,000 with a significant surrounding population. We have a congregation of around 100 people.

This new role would work with the lead pastor / Evangelist to help offset some of his responsibilities. Over the last several years we have had a number of people regretfully decline offers to attend because of the lack of Spanish ministry. We’re hoping this new role can help us reach more people. 

The church currently has two Elders, three Deacons, and one Evangelist. This position would work in tandem with the Evangelist, but under the direction of the Elders. We are always willing to sit and talk, but we are very alert to the shifting trends in populist theology and we do not allow it to infiltrate the church or cause division.

Waukesha Church of Christ Ministry Profile
Andrew Green Evangelist