Date posted Aug 17, 2021
Deadline Jan 22, 2022

Senior Minister Job Description


We’re looking for a God-called Christian pastor who can lead our church into the future with conviction, vision, and humility. An ideal candidate will: live in the community, have experience leading other churches of our size, demographic makeup, and theological commitments. This candidate will also be an engaging, biblically faithful teacher who can relate to people of different ethnic, socio-economic, and generational backgrounds.


• Serve as the spiritual leader of the church.

• Work with the Worship Leader to plan the worship services of the church.

• Provide the overall vision for the direction of the ministry. (Jesus sets the vision; we as a church follow it.)

• Operate as the church’s primary Bible teacher and preacher, responsible for the regular Bible-teaching ministry of the church.

• With the support of the elders, serve as the overseer for day-to-day operations of the church staff.

• Conduct weddings, funerals, and baptisms according to the doctrinal commitments of our church as needed. Inform church secretary of those who should be added to the members/baptism book. Keep a personal log of baptisms and those who join the church.

• Spend an appropriate amount of time in study and prayer in preparation for teaching opportunities.

• Serve as a leader by example in personal discipleship, stewardship, evangelism, and missions.

• Meet with the church’s board on a regular basis to stay current on the spiritual, organizational, and financial health of the congregation.

• Develop relationships with other churches and organizations in our community consistent with our church’s mission and values.

• When needed, provide biblical counsel to members and friends of the church on how to live biblically faithful lives.

• Co-ordinate the weekly Lord’s Supper/Communion with the elders.

• Serve as an elder and ex-officio member of all church committees and teams.

• Ensure ongoing ministry to homebound and nursing home church members.

• Work with the Elders to lead all staff retreats and leadership development.

• Other duties as assigned and as they arise.

Senior Pastor Requirements:

• B.A. in Bible or master’s degree preferred.

• Preferred: 7 years of pastoral ministry experience (at least 3 years experience in preaching).

• Significant experience in and demonstrated a proclivity toward leadership.

• Commitment to serve within the church’s current denominational and interdenominational partnerships.

• Understanding of and willingness to minister within the church’s statement of beliefs.

• A lifestyle congruent with the biblical requirements for leaders (1 Tim. 3:1-13; 2 Tim. 2; Titus 1:5-9).

• Experience managing teams in either the church or business world.

• Willingness to use technology to help the church further its ministry goals.

• Able to speak the truth in love and deal wisely with conflicts amongst the staff and the broader church.

• A calling to pastoral ministry.

Culver Christian Church is requesting interested persons send a resume complete with references (let us know if we may contact them or notify you prior to contact). This is the first step in our hiring process. After screening the resume, the Pastor Selection will contact you regarding the next step in the process.

Salary and benefits to be discussed, commensurate upon experience.

For personal contact, call Curt Locke, Pulpit Committee Chairman at 541-419-4938. For resume or email correspondence, please click the link “Apply Here” above.

Culver Christian Church Ministry Profile
Curt Locke Pulpit Committee Chairman