Date posted Dec 14, 2023
Deadline Feb 15, 2023

The Senior Minister serves as the church’s most visible and senior employee. He is responsible for aligning staff and volunteers to support ministry activities that help individuals and families grow closer to Christ. He models Christ-like behavior in his public and private life, leads his family well, and ensures Avalon’s systems, practices, policies and activities effectively deliver on our mission. He sets and maintains performance standards consistent with Avalon’s policies and procedures and guides the staff and volunteers who perform ministry duties.

Being a key participant in teaching that Word to the Church is the most important role a minister of the Gospel and pastor of the flock can fill. With these thoughts firmly established as the ultimate priority for our Senior Minister, the following provides greater detail as to the various functional areas of responsibility of the role inclusive of the reporting relationship of the Senior Minister at Avalon Church of Christ.

Avalon Church of Christ Ministry Profile
Tim Cole

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