Date posted Sep 16, 2021
Deadline Nov 30, 2021

New Brunswick Church of Christ is looking for a preacher who provides spiritual and pastoral leadership to its members, as well as serving as the spiritual leader of the church to fulfill its mission and purpose. A Bible-based church, New Brunswick looks to bring a young minister in to help him grow in his preaching or a leader who is more established and looking to grow in outreach to the community.

Job Description

Function: To lead the church fellowship in accomplishing God’s will for His church.

Responsible to: The elders, with annual appraisals.

General Pastoral Responsibilities: Include, but are not limited to counseling, hospital visitation, pastoral visitation, evangelistic calling, officiating weddings and funerals, teaching, and preaching.

Specific Pastoral Responsibilities:

  • Preaching and Teaching
    • The minister is responsible for preaching the Word of God. Messages should include a study of the scriptures and application to daily life.
    • He may be called upon to offer additional teaching during Sunday School, to youth groups, or to other groups, both inside and outside of the church.
    • He is responsible for working with the worship ministry team to coordinate all the worship experiences of the church.
  • Leadership
    • The minister is to execute the mission of the church to “love God, love others, and share truth.”
    • The minister is to work with the elders in creating and implementing the overall vision and direction of the church. He shall be the primary communicator of that vision to the church body.
    • The minister will assist the elders with identifying potential leaders and developing them for leadership roles.
    • The minister is to work closely with the board or leadership team, comprised of elders, deacons, and trustees, for the purposes of coordinating the maintenance of the church and church finances.
    • The minister shall work closely with the ministry teams helping to implement the overall vision and direction for the church.
    • The minister will operate in an elder-guided and staff-managed leadership structure.
    • The minister is to work with the elders in the development of church policies.
  • Evangelism
    • The minister must uphold reaching lost people as the primary purpose of the church.
    • He must model how to share the life-changing gospel of Christ through his preaching and teaching, as well as personal involvement.
    • He shall lead and organize efforts to evangelize the lost.
    • As the church’s most visible member, he is encouraged to be engaged with Christian ministries in the community, including Hanging Rock Christian Assembly.
  • Shepherding
    • The Minister is to be a vital part of the Shepherding Program at New Brunswick, a program designed to bring leaders into intentional relationships with members of the church for the purposes of encouragement and support. The biblical basis for the Shepherding model shall be found in Psalm 23:1-4, Isaiah 40:11, Ezekiel 34:12, John 10:11-18, and 1 Peter 5:1-4.
    • The minister shall be the primary shepherd to the elders.
    • He shall make hospital visits, visits to the shut-ins, and home visits to members of the church.
    • He shall offer counseling within areas of experience.
  • Administration
    • The minister is responsible to give oversight and direction to administrative staff.
    • He shall assist the administrative staff in maintaining the church calendar, making sure use of the church facilities are prioritized for official church activities or for church members.
  • Personal Growth
    • The minister shall be committed to the personal study of scripture and the practice of prayer.
    • He shall identify or create networks amongst his peers for fellowship and encouragement.
    • He shall take one spiritual retreat day per month. This day will be taken during a normal work day for the purpose of providing spiritual health for the minister.
    • He shall attend a regional or national conference each year for professional growth and for the purposes of growing his ministry with the church.
New Brunswick Church of Christ Ministry Profile
Rick Shonkwiler Director, Christian Church Leadership Network's "Find Your Next Minister/Ministry" Service

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