Date posted Oct 18, 2022
Deadline Dec 12, 2022

Indian Springs Christian Church is seeking a part time Church Office and Communications Director to serve as part of the ministry team. He or she will facilitate communication among the church leadership, church-wide communication, and outreach to the community through a variety of platforms available.

In the last year, attendance has trended up, we have had at least five new households join us, and we have baptised seven people this year alone. Our Bible Studies are also being offered on Facebook, and we are in the midst of a series of visioning meetings during which we hope to incorporate our new families, create new ministries and expand the ministries we already offer.

The leadership of our church is fully invested in finding someone to become the hub of both digital and print communication for our church- among its members, and for reaching out to the community. We are also heavily interested in giving that person everything they need to succeed in facilitating the flow of information to all of our church members and the community at large.

The Office and Communications director is answerable to the eldership, as well as the minister. The church staff gets along well together! We will get together from time to time and eat together, and sometimes board meetings become “working lunches.” Our board meetings are conversational, and we aren’t afraid to laugh with each other when working on the issues we face as a church. During an event, you will find the leadership grouping up and hanging out; we like each other’s company!

Download Full Job Description Here.

We hope you will pray about joining our team! For more information or to send us your resume, email Senior Minister Mike Beverly at

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Mike Beverly Senior Minister