Date posted Feb 13, 2024
Deadline Mar 22, 2024

First Christian Church is an imperfect group of people who have plenty of differences—and we love it that way. We’re seekers and followers who have all come to the same realization: God is for everyone, so we are too. Together we seek to follow Jesus and tell the whole world about His love for them. 

We say we’re for everyone, and we mean it. 

Because of that, we do a lot of different things in different ways. We would love a Ministry Fellow on our team so that we can encourage and equip young leaders in ministry. Your role will be designed to 1) fit your ministry passions and your skillset and 2) meet ongoing unfilled ministry responsibilities and time-specific ministry needs. Basically, this new ministry role will be designed for you with both FCC and you in mind. 

Your Role.

  • Designed for you and with you and FCC in mind. 
  • We like to work hard, play hard and we want you to experience the fun of working and playing as we serve God and equip others to equip others. 

Your Work with Others.

  • FCC has a variety of ministry teams that work in collaboration with others. You’ll be a part of that dynamic. . 

Download Full Job Description Here. 

First Christian Church of Johnson City, TN Ministry Profile