Date posted Oct 09, 2023
Deadline Nov 30, 2023

Lead Pastor Sample Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide spiritual leadership and pastoral care to the congregation, fostering a culture of faith, love, and service.
  • Develop and deliver engaging, biblically-based weekly sermons during worship services, as well as on special occasions and events.
  • Plan and lead services, collaborating with the worship team, and ensuring that services are meaningful and spiritually enriching.
  • Provide pastoral care for members of the congregation, including visiting the sick, counseling those in need, and offering support during times of crisis.
  • Facilitate and encourage spiritual growth and discipleship through the development and implementation of small group ministries, Bible studies, and other educational programs.
  • Work with church leadership and staff to establish and execute a vision and strategic plan for the church’s growth and leadership development.
  • Engage and build relationships within the local community, participating in outreach and mission activities, and collaborating with other organizations to address community needs.
  • Oversee the administration and management of church operations, including budgeting, financial planning, and personnel management in the church office.
  • Mentor, supervise, and support church staff and volunteers, fostering a positive, collaborative work environment with robust leadership development.
  • Perform other pastoral duties, including weddings, funerals, baptisms, and dedications, as required.
Maple Avenue Christian Church Ministry Profile
Michael Collins

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