Date posted Oct 11, 2021
Deadline Apr 30, 2022

Position Description

Summary Statement

The Lead Pastor is responsible for championing the vision and values of Fork Christian Church.  He is to lead the congregation with enthusiasm, encouraging their spiritual growth, church involvement, and evangelistic outreach into the community.


The Lead Pastor will be accountable to the Elders of Fork Christian Church.  He will set the strategic vision for Fork Christian Church to fulfill its duty of spreading the Word of Jesus Christ.

This position is a full-time position requiring at least 40 hours per week.  Regular office hours are to be kept.  It is noted that the nature of this position will require some non-traditional hours and on-call responsibilities.  It is important for the Lead Pastor to have a spirit of cooperation with the ministry staff, other leaders, volunteers, and the congregation.

General Expectations

It is generally expected that the Lead Pastor will be a positive representation of Christ, both inside and outside the church.  The Lead Pastor is expected to be engaged in the disciplines that produce spiritual maturity, such as prayer, Bible reading, and times of quiet reflection.  The Lead Pastor is expected to abstain from alcohol.


The Lead Pastor will have the following qualifications:

  • Have a Bachelor’s (Master’s preferred) degree from an accredited Christian college/university. Prefer school affiliation with the Restoration Movement;
  • Have a minimum of seven years of experience as a pastor with teaching and leadership responsibilities;
  • Be licensed and ordained, with the preference of having been ordained by a church affiliated with the Restoration Movement;
  • Have a personal conviction of calling to the pastoral ministry;
  • Demonstrate the Fruits of the Spirit (1 Timothy 3:1-7 & Titus 1:5-16)
  • Demonstrate dynamic abilities in communication via public speaking with a love of sound Biblical preaching and teaching, and have a proven history of leading ministry staff and volunteers to achieve the purpose of the church.

Primary Responsibilities

The Lead Pastor will be responsible for the following areas:


  • Be a leader of leaders;
  • Foster visionary, strategic and collaborative leadership among the staff, elders, and volunteer leaders;
  • Assist in the identification of potential leaders for all areas;
  • Develop leaders who are trustworthy and can carry out other levels of ministry;
  • Delegate effectively to ministry staff and volunteers;
  • Inspire excellence in the delivery of all ministry elements;
  • Be a “peer leader” among the elders, stretching them to become better church leaders;
  • Keep the organization’s mission, vision, and values at the forefront of church activities and decision-making; and
  • Be an example of adaptability, providing godly leadership during periods of change, transition, and growth.

Preaching and Teaching

  • Function as the primary communicator during corporate worship events, developing engaging and applicable messages based on the truths of scripture;
  • Develop and plan sermons series with forethought and planning;
  • Work closely with the Worship Pastor to plan themes consistent with the preaching series – creating a comprehensive worship experience;
  • Develop discipleship programs and/or classes to run throughout the year;
  • Continually clarify and highlight the vision of the church through the corporate worship experience (vision, mission, values); and
  • Help other staff to develop as communicators.


  • Keep an outward focus of evangelism as the first priority of our mission;
  • Live incarnationally in the community and foster relationships with unchurched people;
  • Actively and systematically engage with the visitors attending our church;
  • Be a champion of global missions; and
  • Participate in evangelism and community outreach events.


  • Maintain a positive relationship with ministry leaders and inspire and challenge their efforts;
  • Develop excellent communication patterns with elders, ministry staff, and the congregation;
  • Help to develop and manage the church within the confines of an executable budget;
  • Promote the importance and value of small group ministry; and
  • Help to champion smooth assimilation of new attenders.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Love and care for your family;
  • Maintain a healthy relationship with God that includes prayer, Bible study, and financial giving as a part of the regular church offering;
  • Be available to church members within limits;
  • Preside at funerals and weddings as warranted; provide or refer pre-marital counseling for weddings;
  • Rely on the pastoral staff and the Elders in the administration of pastoral care. Participate when appropriate (It is understood that the Lead Pastor is not able to provide direct care for most persons. Situations involving critical illness or death are to be given priority and emphasis);
  • Keep elders and other staff informed of all situations or issues that need their attention in a timely manner; and
  • Submit a monthly report to the elders encompassing attendance, accomplishments, challenges, opportunities, etc.
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