Date posted Nov 11, 2021
Deadline Jan 31, 2021

Wilkinson Church of Christ is seeking a visionary leader who will sharpen their focus of advancing the Kingdom in the community of Wilkinson, IN. This requires authentic discipleship, relevant preaching, championing our team of staff and elders, and leading our congregation to fulfill the Great Commission.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Communicate God’s Word effectively in both word and action as the primary preaching minister of WCC
  • Cast a clear vision for the church body and lead the ministerial staff
  • This includes implementing necessary steps to achieve the vision
  • Shepherd the church body
  • Coordinate the church’s effort to evangelize the lost, leading by example
  • Encourage, help, and direct the staff to ensure integration of all ministries into the mission of the church
  • As a leader of the staff, team building and unity are of utmost importance
  • Oversight of all ministries and pastoral responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities will be shared with the ministerial staff, elders, and volunteers
  • Lead a yearly time of emphasis on stewardship and commitment including tithing, serving, etc.
  • The lead minister is the church’s most visible minister. Therefore he should be skilled both in relationship building and communications so that our church relates well with those in our sphere of influence
  • Develop annual goals for the congregation alongside the ministerial staff
  • Regularly meet with ministerial staff members individually to help them set measurable goals

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Ministry from a Restoration Movement College
  • Ordained as a Minister by a Restoration Movement Church
  • 10 years experience in a Restoration Movement Church

Competencies and Expectations:

  • The lead minister must possess a vibrant, ever-growing walk with God. His spiritual formation is of the utmost importance and must be exhibited in his attitudes, behaviors, choices, and decisions
  • Must have a strong marriage and be able to lead his family well
  • Pursuit of spiritual disciplines
  • Involvement with others in small groups
  • Hunger for God, love for the congregation, and a heart for the lost
  • Priority on personal, spiritual, and professional growth
  • Meet the qualifications for elders found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1
  • Belief and understanding that the Bible is our final authority
  • Deep awareness of your calling and giftedness from the Lord
  • An honest self-assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, and daily need for grace that comes through regular communion with Christ


  • Reports to Elders of Wilkinson Church of Christ
  • Supervises and directs all ministerial staff
  • Works closely with all areas of ministries within Wilkinson Church of Christ

Interested candidates may apply by clicking the “Apply Here” button above; please also send a cover letter and resume to

Wilkinson Church of Christ Ministry Profile