Date posted Jan 25, 2024
Deadline Feb 20, 2024

The High School Minister must fulfill his or her duties with excellence and ministry appropriateness. This position’s primary focus is the spiritual development and growth of students grade 9 through 12. First Christian Church views this position in a holistic manner, and thus this responsibility includes helping the family unit as it relates to the spiritual development of their teenagers.

Some Responsibilities:
• Work in partnership with the Family Ministries Pastor to lead Student Ministry, with a specific focus on High School students, and even more specifically with a focus on developing upper classmen.
• Develop and implement regular student programming for Sunday evenings as well as additional special events and service projects (fellowship activities, mission trips, connection opportunities, etc.)
• Recruit and train the volunteer leadership team from the congregation to fill ministry roles necessary to the function of this area
• Build relationships with High School students and their parents, with a focus on helping parents of High Schoolers disciple their children in age-appropriate ways.

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First Christian Church of Decatur, IL Ministry Profile
Jonathan Grunden

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