Date posted Nov 10, 2021
Deadline Jan 31, 2022

Dalton Hill Christian Church is a mostly older congregation with a few younger families. After the resignation of their previous minister, Dalton Hill CC is searching for a new, full-time minister. As the only staff member on hire, the candidate would have the following responsibilities:

  • Preaching a scripture-based sermon every Sunday morning
  • Calling/visiting members (especially the sick and elderly)
  • Performing funerals and weddings
  • Teaching class as needed
  • Interacting with youth in the community
  • Participation in local community events
  • Performing other duties as needed

The ideal candidate will have experience in preaching and lead ministry (of at least a few years) and will hold to the core theological and doctrinal tenets of the Restoration Movement/Christian Church. The ideal candidate will also hold a Bachelor’s degree in ministry from a Christian college/institution or will hold a similar degree. The full-time minister may also request financial coverage for any conferences they wish to attend.

To apply, click the “Apply Here” link above and include a resume and cover letter with references.

Dalton Hill Christian Church Ministry Profile
Shon Phillips Elder

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