Date posted Feb 16, 2024
Deadline May 01, 2024

The Executive Minister shall work with the Elders to coordinate the ministries of the church through oversight of the Ministerial Staff, Administrative Staff, and Ministry Leaders. Provide administrative tools and practices needed to translate the vision of team ministry into actionable steps; including planning, scheduling, and implementing programs that educate, disciple, and provide relationship building opportunities across all demographics. This minister will share the responsibility of preparing the church congregation for making disciples.

Minimum Requirements:
• A mature Christian faith, evidence of the fruits of the Spirit, and a continuing desire for spiritual growth.
• A Bible college graduate or a ministry degree and significant work experience in ministry.
• A demonstrated passion and commitment to the spiritual growth of the congregation.
• Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to motivate, inspire, equip and encourage others.

Key Position Skills:
• Discerning between good and great ministry opportunities for the church.
• Coordinating the communication of staff and congregation across ministries and leadership.
• Strong relational, organizational, and coaching skills.
• Ability to work closely and cooperatively with other ministerial staff, ministry teams, and other church leaders.

Position Responsibilities:
• Responsible for maintaining focus on the MHCC vision, direction, and strategic plan for the church, ensuring ministerial functions and youth programs remain integrated with the vision and purpose.
• Oversee the ministerial staff and perform annual evaluations and job description revisions.

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Morrison Hill Christian Church Ministry Profile
Jay Osborne