Date posted Feb 03, 2022
Deadline Mar 03, 2022

Located in “the Nicest Place in America,” Buchanan Christian Church is looking for a full-time Director of Worship Arts to serve alongside the Senior and Associate Ministers. The Director of Worship Arts will be responsible for: planning and leading worship services; leading the church choir; overseeing and administrating all worship-related ministry teams; and working to involve many covenant partners in these various areas of service. The Director of Worship Arts is to be a model disciple of Jesus who loves God and neighbor, exhibits the fruit of the Spirit, practices spiritual disciplines, and seeks first the kingdom of God. The Director of Worship Arts will consistently devote time to growing in the knowledge and skills which are necessary for faithfully and fruitfully leading. Candidates should have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Music/Worship Ministry from a Christian Church/Church of Christ College
  • Ability to plan and design worship services.
  • Ability to organize, train, equip, and lead individuals, teams, and groups.
  • Ability to care for people and minister to their needs.
  • Ability to carry out administrative responsibilities necessary for accomplishing ministry.


Full job description here

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