Date posted Feb 01, 2023
Deadline Mar 31, 2023

Valley Christian Church in the Moorhead, MN/ Fargo, ND area is searching for a director for their new daycare. The Daycare Director is responsible for working with the Elders in caring for and leading Valley Christian Daycare, a ministry extension of Valley Christian Church, its staff, children, and families, in carrying out Christ’s mission of making disciples and teaching them to obey His commands (Matthew 28:18-20).

Essential Job Functions

  • Licensure. Ensure compliance with the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services Daycare licensure requirements including both Rules and Statute. Compliance includes the following.
    •  monitor and control of staff to child ratios,
    • keep administrative records, i.e., both minor and serious injury reports; drills for both fire and tornado emergencies; immunizations and individualized care plans
    • acquire and maintain the requisite materials and equipment, books and toys, cribs and cots
  • Staff. Disciple the staff and train them to disciple the children.
    •  Model and minister church partnership
    •  Advise on spiritual matters in the lives of the staff
    •  Equip the staff to minister in the same way in the lives of the children and their parents
  • Operations. Manage, monitor, and control day to day operations including the following:
    • Solicit and interview, hire and train, evaluate and discipline staff
    • Schedule shifts, ensure breaks, keep time
    • Initiate background checks, ensure fingerprinting and CANR checks
    • Provide for the staff’s continuing education requirements
  • Clientele. Create and maintain good relationships with potential and current clients by taking care of children and ministering to their parents, which includes the following:
    • Promote the daycare online and in-person, interviewing parents, conducting tours, and enrolling children
    • Invite the families to worship with Valley Christian Church
  • Stewardship. Conduct the financial operations of the daycare, including the following:
    • Invoice children’s tuition and copays directly to parents
    • Recoup Child Care Assistance Program funds from both ND and MN
    • Initiate the payment of vendors, i.e., Brother’s Table
    • Reconcile purchases with bank records via QuickBooks
  • Inventory. Ensure the facility is equipped to meet the dietary and sanitary needs of the children:
    • Ensure the facility is supplied with cleaning and sanitizing materials
    • Ensure the safety of children and staff both in and around the daycare as well as on walks and field trips

Experience: A director must be an immersed believer in Jesus Christ who understands that the Bible is the infallible Word of God and is in full alignment with Valley Christian Church’s statement of faith. A director should have paid or unpaid staff supervision experience; and have Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university in a business or child development field.

Values. A Director must hold to the Valley Christian Church values. See full job description below.

Full job description

Valley Christian Church Ministry Profile