Date posted Aug 19, 2022
Deadline Sep 30, 2022

First Christian Church in Johnson City, TN is looking for a Database & Communications Administrative Assistant for Groups & Family Teams. This person will help ensure we are leveraging our database to know who people are and how they are connected so that our Groups & Family staff and other ministries can most effectively pastor our congregation and guests. This will help our Groups and Family staff stay in communication with people in our ministries. Your role will make a big difference to the church and how our church loves and cares well for children, students, and adults! We need someone who is professional at managing data and communicating information to empower others and provide ministry.

Come join our community, an imperfect group of people who have plenty of differences—and we love it that way. We’re seekers and followers who have all come to the same realization: God is for everyone, so we are too. Together we seek to follow Jesus and tell the whole world about His love for them. We say we’re for everyone, and we mean it! For more information contact Emily Kane (; (423) 722-7216).

Full Job Description Here

First Christian Church of Johnson City, TN Ministry Profile