Date posted May 07, 2024
Deadline Aug 31, 2024

We have numerous openings due to retirement and expansion. Leadership of Good News Global has given a directive to find our next generation of Chaplain to serve the spiritual needs of the inmates and staff of the facilities we serve.

Job Description:

The Chaplain is responsible for providing comprehensive pastoral ministry to the residents and staff of the assigned correctional facility; provide other services to inmates, staff, public officials, and the community that will enhance the overall ministry.

General day to day job duties include the following:

  • Provide comprehensive Chaplaincy services to inmates and staff: counseling, conduction/scheduling Chaplain services, Bible studies and arranging clergy visits, distributing literature, and performing other pastoral and ministerial functions as appropriate.
  • Facilitate access and ministry of religious volunteers for all faith traditions recognized by the facility.
  • Handle emergency and death notifications among inmates and their families.
  • Encourage and counsel inmates, correctional offices, and other facility staff.
  • Recruit, supervise and train religious volunteers.
  • Promote the visibility of the ministry in the community through jail tours and presentations to individuals, community groups and local churches.
  • Fulfill administrative requirements of the facility and our ministry.
  • Generate and file computer reports using a variety of software applications.
  • Work with the local community (churches, individuals, organizations, businesses) to develop partnership support for the ministry.

Desired Skills:

Preaching, teaching, counseling, administrative, volunteer facilitation, public speaking, correctional ministry experience

Requirements to become a Chaplain:


  • The applicant must be in agreement with the ministry doctrinal statement.
  • The applicant must meet the following educational requirements prior to starting the application process.
  • A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited Bible/Christian college with a major in Bible or theology; or
  • A master’s degree from a regionally accredited seminary
  • The applicant must be ordained, licensed, or commissioned in accordance with the requirement of their local church or denomination prior to the hire date.
  • The applicant should have 40-60 hours of varied volunteer or professional experience ministering to inmates in a corrections environment prior to starting the application process.