Date posted Oct 30, 2022
Deadline Dec 05, 2022

First Christian Church of Pittsfield, Illinois is looking for a capable and energetic Associate Minister to join its ministry staff. Located in the rural west-central Illinois town of Pittsfield, we are a non-denominational church with roots in the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement, and part of Disciple Heritage Fellowship.  We are a multi-generational church with a blended worship style.

The average in-person church attendance (post-covid) is currently 200- 250.  We have tremendous facilities including a full gymnasium. We use the “Orange” philosophy and currently have 30-50 active in our middle and high school ministries with a strong core of volunteers.    

The Associate Minister at First Christian Church of Pittsfield, Illinois will provide leadership in areas of family discipleship and our youth and children’s ministries. The main goal for this role is the development of a Christ-like character in our families and youth to enhance our outreach into the community so that others will come to know Christ. The ideal applicant will be a team player who is able to direct our small group ministries as well as lead and empower our student ministry volunteer teams.  The applicant must be in agreement with the beliefs and doctrine of First Christian Church of Pittsfield, Illinois.  

Download Full Job Description Here.


First Christian Church of Pittsfield, IL Ministry Profile
Michael Ten Eyck Lead Pastor