Date posted Feb 15, 2023
Deadline Jul 01, 2023

Boones Creek Christian Church in Johnson City, TN is searching for someone who has a passion for  discipleship and serving Jesus as their new Associate Minister! The Associate Minister is responsible for sharing in ministry with the Senior Minister in any and all areas when necessary or requested.

Essential Duties:

  • Assist Senior Minister as needed in ministry with funerals, weddings, baptisms, teaching, and preaching.
  • Participate regularly in promoting the ongoing health of the church by visitation, specifically to the hospitalized, sick, shut-in, and in members’ homes as requested or advantageous.
  • Serve as a resource for initial personal or family counseling for members, regular attenders, and others as referred. Should their counseling needs be ongoing or require the services of a professional counselor, a referral should be made to a local professional counselor or group.
  • Assist individuals in personal growth by recommending resources for Scripture studies, growth in prayer, other books and tools, etc.
  • Follow the leadership of the Senior Minister in implementing and supporting the evangelistic vision of the church.
  • Organize and coordinate follow through with Guests after receiving the information from the Guest Services Ministry Team (staff & volunteers). Use Senior Minister and other Staff as appropriate to ensure all Guests are warmly greeted following their visit and receive information they would like regarding BCCC.
  • Work in conjunction with the Adult Education Minister to contact each New Member to BCCC (those baptized or transferring their membership) to ensure they are finding Sunday School classes, Small Groups, and other resources for growing in their relationship with Jesus and BCCC.
  • Work with the Senior Minister and/or Administrative Minister to find a way to ensure the younger generations of the church are being sought for salvation and discipleship.
  • Develop one or two specific interests or activities away from the church for continual contact with other people and opportunities to be ‘salt and light’.

Position Qualifications:

To fulfill this position, the following qualifications and characteristics are necessary:

  • A passion for serving Jesus Christ
  • A call to ministry
  • A love for Christ’s people and desire to help them grow in discipleship
  • A burning desire to help adults find and grow in Jesus
  • A demonstrated ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • Have leadership and communication skills, specifically in leading a team
  • Exemplify a love for Christ’s Church and a desire to nurture and care for it
  • A college degree, or equivalent life experiences, in an area of Christian ministry from a school recognized by the Elders of Boones Creek Christian Church
  • Willingness to agree to and abide by a Staff Covenant for guidance on attitudes and behaviors

To apply, email David Eversole, Administrative Minister.

Full Job Description Here

Boones Creek Christian Church Ministry Profile
David Eversole Administrative Minister